Owls in Urban Areas - Part 1
Jul 20, 2016

50/50 takes a look at the issues faced by owls in urban environments and how owl box project endeavours to address these issues. Traditional healers were interviewed to research on the use of owls in traditional medicine.

Vuka Africa
Jan 04, 2016

The Township Owl Project, aka is featured on Vuka Africa.

Johannesburg Chooses Owls to Fight Rat Plague in Alexandra Township
Mar 15, 2012

2 Ocean Vibe: Before you begin to make fun of the headline used for this article, we must tell you that the vermin extractors will also be serving an educational purpose. Johannesburg’s general owl population has been in decline for years as a result of urbanisation, but new owl projects are helping to combat this.

Owls to fight Joburg rats
Mar 14, 2012

IOL News: The City of Johannesburg has chosen owls to fight a rat plague in Alexandra, city spokesman Nkosinathi Nkabinde said on Wednesday.

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