Owlproject.org was founded almost 20 years ago. Its aim is to introduce young black South African children to the wonderful world of owls, their beauty as well as their enormous potential as partners in the control and management of rats. Rats are a daily scourge within the rodent infested and impoverished communities in which many young South Africans live. In order to achieve this, it is essential to demystify the negative stigma surrounding owls in Southern Africa.




 "Education is the key to conservation."

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Owl Pellet Dissections

260 000




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Burrowing owls face endangerment crisis
Apr 10, 2024

Youth in California, USA, are involved in owl conservation.

Heartfelt get together for owlet feeding volunteers
Mar 08, 2024

The Nestlé Owl Care Team are a group of wonderful and dedicated people. Thank you for your support.

Nepal Owl Festival : Innovative approach for owl conservation
Nov 24, 2023

''The Nepal Owl Festival, a significant conservation event held annually since 2012, is organized by Friends of Nature in collaboration with local partners.''

Owls find temporary home at St Andrew’s School
Nov 07, 2023

''Two juvenile spotted eagle owls from an SPCA in Johannesburg have found a new home at St Andrew’s School for Girls.''

Owl Naming Programme

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