Owlproject.org was founded almost 20 years ago. Its aim is to introduce young black South African children to the wonderful world of owls, their beauty as well as their enormous potential as partners in the control and management of rats. Rats are a daily scourge within the rodent infested and impoverished communities in which many young South Africans live. In order to achieve this, it is essential to demystify the negative stigma surrounding owls in Southern Africa.




 "Education is the key to conservation."

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Owl Pellet Dissections

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"Preschoolers taught that owls are a hoot"
Feb 03, 2023

Project coordinator of Owlproject.org, Jordan Hardey, and owl ringer, Hussein Moyo, educate the children of Simply Kidz Academy on the importance of conservation.

Karen's chats to Jonathan Haw - EcoSolutions: The Owl Project
Jan 30, 2023

Join Karen Walstra chatting to Jonathan Haw, founder of EcoSolutions, as they chat about EcoSolutions’ The Owl Project.

Grade 1s welcome owls to Heronbridge College
Jan 17, 2023

On 13 January 2023, the newly initiated Grade 1 classes of 2023 welcomed their new feathered classmates.

"For the love of the owls"
Oct 12, 2022

"A newly recruited member, Jordan-Michael Hardey, shares his vast knowledge of owls and their importance in the environment."

Owl Naming Programme

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