Our campaigns

Annual Owl Art Project
Sep 01, 2021

Colour, kids and owls. The annual owl art project was introduced as a fun and engaging programme for schools. Students take part in this project every year to create stunning pieces of art from wood and crayons. The wood used for this project is donated by EcoSolutions. Through this project, children learn to associate owls with fun rather than mythologies.

Educational Talks
Oct 04, 2021

Education is the foundation on which conservation is built. Many underprivileged communities still believe that owls are associated with witchcraft. We aim to educate and inform children about the benefits and importance of owls.

Owl Naming Programme
Nov 24, 2021

South Africa has 11 official languages and of these, many owl names are not recognized or have a direct translation. Owlproject.org decided to put together this campaign in which school children could discuss and name the 12 different species of owls found in South Africa in various languages.

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