Educational Talks

Education is the foundation on which conservation is built. Many underprivileged communities still believe that owls are associated with witchcraft. We aim to educate and inform children about the benefits and importance of owls. has been actively involved in educational programmes for nearly 18 years, where we teach children about the importance and benefits of owls. Education is an important pillar of the project. Our teams go out to participating schools to give presentations on owls and their role in our ecosystem. These presentations are also used to address any remnant myths believed by the township communities.

Educational talk taking place at Tirisano-Mmogo Primary school.



Our talks are tailor-made to fit the syllabus and the age of the students. You can view some of our images and stories below from our educational talks. 

  is committed to educating both school children and adults about owls in South Africa. Help us by supporting our cause to create an owl-friendly world. 


Educational Talks
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