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We strive in educating children in the most engaging ways possible. Every year our teams and supporters set out to various townships in Johannesburg, South Africa to accompany school children who create stunning pieces of owl art by hand as a part of our education programme. Many of these artworks have been displayed all over the world and have been the beacon of our mission. See below to find some of our stories and images from the Annual Owl Art Project. 


2019 - 3D Lazer Cut Owl Art

In 2019, we made 50 3D Owl Puzzles where learners coloured each piece of the owl puzzle to create amazing owls! Each unit is

1m tall. We Introduced the prototype 3D owl puzzle to our wonderful school teachers in Alexandra township and they thought it was beautiful and couldn’t wait to start working on it.




BirdLife South Africa Birdfair 2019. 

We have had the opportunity to take children from Alexandra township and Cosmo City to the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden South Africa. They had a wonderful time learning about different types of birds and seeing all their owl artworks being displayed.



2018 - Owl Masks 

In 2018, the children created colourful owl masks and some of those are now in Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein, Austria. Our aim was to create 1000 pieces of owl masks and to get more schools involved in the owl art programme but we only managed to make 500. 


2017 - Owl Art Cut-outs 

In 2017, the learners created owl cut-outs. The artwork is amazingly recognised internationally and some of the art pieces are now being displayed at the International Owl Center in Minnesota, USA. EcoSolutions donated the wood owl box off-cuts to be used for the annual owl art programme in 2017. With over 1000 pieces of owl art attached to school fences and walls, Alex Owl Day 2017 was a huge success for It is important for us that the school learners have fun as they learn. 



2016 - Owl Totem Art 



All of these owls have been made using the wooden cutouts from owl boxes donated by EcoSolutions. We had 500 wooden pieces of art created by school children. 



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