Ramahlele Primary School is on board with Owlproject.org!

We visited Ramahlele Primary School and the children got to understand more about owls.
A resident Barn Owl (Tyto alba) had flown into one of the bathrooms at the school and was unable to exit. A concerned staff member contacted the Tshwane SPCA. The Tshwane SPCA collected the owl and took it to Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital(JWVH) to check for any injuries.
After being given a clean bill of health, JWVH contacted us to release the Barn Owl back at the school. Collaboration is very important for conservation. We also believe it was a great opportunity to engage with the kids and staff. We gave Grades 1, 5, 6 & 7 a talk about the owls that have made themselves home at their school. We placed a SAF-ring on the Barn Owl with the help of the principal, Mr Modibedi and EcoSolutions Urban Ecology donated an owl box to the school. We also gave the school a poster showing the food chain of Barn Owls for all children to learn from! Ramahlale Primary School gives a hoot!
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