Owl found in a construction site

Pinnacle College, Kyalami, Gauteng

''Trick and treat'' - Barn Owls (Tyto alba) are well known for their habit of occupying roofs and abandoned buildings. This one decided to roost in a building at Pinnacle College's construction site.

The school is currently busy with renovations and did not want to move the resident owl but rather find a way to keep it within the school so that it controls the rats. It was quite tricky when we had to relocate him into the owl box so that these guys can continue with their work. After long hours of planning, we caught the owl. Before we placed the owl in the owl box, the owl received a SAFring (K52471).

Our first prize is to always leave the owls at place and this was the case. Thank you Johan for contacting us. WHAT AN OWLOWEEN!   

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