Collaborating with TUT and Ndumo Community Project to make a difference

Maphindela Primary School, Ndumo Environmental Education Centre, Ndumo, KwaZulu-Natal

After a great session with the Maphindela Primary School learners, the headmaster told us that they have a lot of owls within the school and the children were afraid of them. After sitting in for the informative talk now, they are aware why they have owls within their school. We decided to look for pellets at the school and WOW what a treasure. The teacher also showed us their vegetable garden and she was more thankful that the owls are controlling the rats within the school and protecting their vegetables.
These children will be owl owl ambassadors from today on they have promised to protect, to love and care for owls.

We would like to have 4 owl boxes donated to the school and provide nests for the owls. If anyone would like to help, please email us on

Without conservation, there can be no conservation.

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