Creating owl friendly children, who go on to be owl friendly adults, living within owl friendly environments.


Support Us is a Non-Profit Organisation and relies on your support to create owl friendly children living in owl friendly environments. If you would like to support our initiatives please choose a payment method below:






     Bank: Nedbank

     Branch Name: Central Gauteng

     Account Number: 1120438225

     Branch Code: 12840500

     Account Type: Nedbank Current                 Account

     Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ

What does your donations cover?

We respond to emergency owl calls almost on a daily basis about owls in the roof or injured birds of prey needing immediate medical attention.

Transport - Your contribution helps us cover the fuel costs when we respond to the emergency calls. Your contribution make it easier for us to respond the the calls as soon as possible.

Owl Boxes (houses) - Our first prize, is to educate the home owner and leave the owls at place. However, not everyone can afford an owl house. Your donation contributes towards the provision of alternative breeding sites for the owls specially in the townships where we mostly find owls breeding in the roof.

Educational materials - Your donations contribute to the materials that we use for the pellet dissection programmes during our outreach programmes. It covers materials such as the Latex gloves, Petri dishes, Tweezers, Surgical masks, prints and the packaging we use for the pellets.