In order for a project of this size to have the impact and the success that this Project has, we rely on the support of our partners. The Township Owl Project would like to thank all of our partners for their continued support.

Bowman Gilfillan, who registered the project.
Talaria Wealth, who are our accountants.
The International Owl Center, who have been supporting our initiative and kindly help fund our projects. 
Woodoc, who kindly supply us with wood varnish.
EcoSolutions, who have supported us financially.
Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Clinic - Working together in conserving and caring for the birds of prey
NSPCA- Working together to conserve the owls within the urban environment.
Wildnis Durrenstein- Teaching children around the world about owl conservation.

Lastly, our most important partner, the 200 000 school children who participated in the Township Owl Project since 1998.