Creating owl friendly children, who go on to be owl friendly adults, living within owl friendly environments.


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Junior Scientist Kit.


Where do great scientists come from? They come from great junior scientists! If you are looking for a stocking filler for kids between the ages of 7 - 14. Welcome to our Junior Scientist series. The pellets also come with GPS coordinates which provide their collected location. 



2 x Owl Pellets
1 x Petri Dish
1 x Dissection Tweezers
2 x Probes
1 x Face Mask


1 x Pair of Surgical Gloves

Your budding scientists dissect the owl pellets, using their tweezers, probe, petri dish and bone key while wearing their surgical gloves and mask (all provided in the kit). Your Jnr Scientist then sends us a picture via email of his dissected pellets, accompanied by the coordinates found on the pellet bottle and we will let them know where that particular owl lives. 

Once the picture of the pellet contents has been taken, everything goes back into the bottle and if there is anything we would like to examine further in the pellet, we will arrange postage or collection.

The Junior Scientist Owl Pellet Kit costs R180.00 and can be collected from our Jo'burg office in Lifestyle Garden Center.