Thank you for coming to the school and educating the students about owls.

''Your owl pellet dissections rocked! The students cannot stop talking about it and want to do it again! 
Thank you so much for creating this opportunity for our students. We are truly impressed.'' 

- Steyn City School.


''Thanks for the mail and for the visit the children really enjoyed it. 
We sent all the pics home with the children.'' 

- North West Christian School


''What you did for us a while back at the Epani school was and still is the best thing that happened
at that school in a very long time. We want more !!'' 

- Shaun Levings.


Feedback on the tour in Austria (translated):
Collaboration between Township Owl Project, Duerrenstein Wilderness Area, Owl and Raptor Centre OAW Linz, School NMS Goestling, School SSND Privatschule Friesgasse Vienna.


''Very impressive!!!!! Wow!!'' 
- David J.


''Continent connecting owl project. Exemplary how globally it can be collaborated.'' 

- Ernestus S.

''You have been really very active and the diversity of the school projects is remarkable and impressive. Thank you again for the very interesting presentation evening [in Vienna]. I was pleased to find out that the project is organised much more complexly than expected – with social, political, economic, ecological, educational, ... aspects.''

- Roman.


About visiting schools in Austria:

"The Duerrenstein Wilderness Area was justifiably nominated as the first
UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in Austria.
That unique area is an international treasure and is offering habitat for rare species.
Furthermore, it is teaching current generations how vulnerable our ecosystem is.
It is our mission to pass on knowledge and also the efforts for the conservation of our nature,
that is why projects and collaborations with schools are that important.''

- Deputy governor of Lower Austria Stephan Pernkopf.


''It was a very interesting presentation and a successful informational event! Congratulations!'' 

- Major of Goestling /Ybbs Friedrich Fahrnberger.

''We all were participating in the school owl project with and the
Duerrenstein Wilderness Area with full enthusiasm and found the project amazing!
We would be happy about a continuation of the project or a similar project.'' 

- School director Goestling/Ybbs Josef N. 

''It was great. An unforgettable impression. Thank you again, Ingrid and Jonathan.
I wish Jonathan a good journey home and hope that we are going to meet again. Heartfelt greetings.'' 

- Biology teacher Vienna Karin K. 

''A fantastic insight into the project. Very, very interesting and I can only feel admiration!
You, Ingrid and Jonathan, have done a super job!!!! Really fantastic.''

- Rupi H.

"Very cool!'' 

- Nina S.

''You did a great job with kids! Fantastic! You are awesome! Wonderful coverage!
You really have done so much for!!'' 

- Karla Bloem.

''Congratulations again. You did it really proficiently.'' 
- Koni L.

''Wow! This sounds exciting!''
- Jason F.

''Owl fever has broken out [during three weeks of owl school project in the school NMS Göstling].
Very cool. Very professional. Your enthusiasm is infectious.
Heartfelt wishes for the day today. Some of our kids already had
contact to the kids in South Africa over the weekend. I hope your owl events of the week did work out well.
Thank you very, very much for the pictures! Many kids have.'' 

- Teacher Goestling/Ybbs Claudia B.

''Amazing project!''
- Claudia S. 

''It is impressive what one person, Jonathan, has established and which
big difference he and his team is making for conservation and in society and how
many people are reached by his work. Everyone can only love what they know.
The world needs more such idealists.'' 

- Viktoria K. 



''Beautifully made! It was a pleasure! Any time happily again!
The event was proficiently organized and made.
Congratulations to you!''

 - Wolfgang.

''It was a very interesting evening. The topic was very well explained.
Everything was fantastic!''

- Michaela.

'' was very cool. I got the opportunity to talk with Jonathan for quite a long time.
Really awesome what was established and how many Barn Owls are living there.
Great that you initiated school projects with such commitment and enthusiasm in
different schools in Austria.'' 

- Stefan K.


''For me is was absolutely unforgettable. You are doing such an amazing
and important work, it is so much fun, it leaves clues and you make
such a difference in the society and for conservation.
Thank you for your commitment and for your precious visit in Austria!'' 

- Dr. Ingrid K.